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Celestial CMS

The search engine is still in development, we currently use a shared web host so we are unable to have the Ceawe Search Bot find all the websites, slowly we will add more websites until we can afford to have a bigger search engine. Read the news articles and disable ad block if you want to support the development of this website.

- Soon Make Posts to share your opinion to the world
- Ceawe Documents to create online documents
- Ceawe Photos to upload photos for yourself or to share with the world
- Online Space Travel Game Beta Playable in Web Browsers, on most Operating Systems and Devices
- And More!

Big tech companies have gone too far with their censorship and bias against freedom of speech which is fundamental for democracy to function. Ceawe exists to give people a fair platform to reach people, if big tech companies can censor a sitting United States President over fake news while allowing dictators to utter death threats, how much freedom of speech do we really have on those platforms? And what's that say about giving businesses a fair chance to reach the people on those platforms?